Werbescheibe, Dortmund, Germany

Comprehensive, individual customer solutions thanks to the complete Smart Shop solution from Durst


"Since installing the complete Durst Smart Shop solution, we can offer our customers even more creativity and flexibility in product design. Setting up the frontend was very easy even without prior knowledge - thanks to the many pre-installed tools. Durst's support has been fantastic and the software team is always available to answer any questions we have."

Matthias Banike, Co-owner Werbescheibe.de, Hwang & Banike GmbH

The innovative company Werbescheibe.de, based in Dortmund, has been supplying vehicle advertising systems and large-format digital prints for small and medium-sized businesses such as driving schools, craftsmen, delivery services, insurance companies and dental practices for over 15 years. Matthias Banike, founder of Werbescheibe.de, had been working with a self-developed webshop for a long time before he decided on the Smart Editor software in 2015.

For Mr Banike, the flexibility and ease of use compared to other solutions were decisive: "Smart Editor convinced us from the start because it is individually configurable and extremely flexible. In addition, printed products with very different shapes and formats can be set up. The selection of tools for design is very large and can be set up according to customer group and needs."

To make data exchange even smoother and thus give customers even more freedom in product design and ordering, Mr Banike decided to invest in Durst's complete Smart Shop solution in 2019.

"It was important for us to be able to configure the shop ourselves," says Mr Banike. "We have many different tools that we can offer customers, but not every function is useful for all products. For example, we offer different layout templates for certain customer groups, where only the colour and text can be changed in a very user-friendly way. The design process, especially for simpler products like magnetic foils, is thus extremely uncomplicated and fast. If customers do not want to use the templates, they can also design themselves, as the solution offers great flexibility.

Whether vehicle advertising, billboards, floor foils, wall foils, window foils, perforated foils, PVC foils, banners, posters or beach flags - all print media can be designed directly online, checked in the 3D preview and then ordered. Simply place a logo or image on the drawing area, enter the appropriate text and the print products are delivered directly to your home or company.

"Many customers are particularly enthusiastic about the 'product preview in use'," explains Mr Banike. "For example, rolled-up products can be placed in a virtual room so that customers can see exactly how the product will look in a salesroom. This gives customers a much better idea of how certain products will look in a natural environment." Many customers also like the fact that customer templates are saved and can be retrieved later.

The digitally created print products are designed in such a way that all films and advertising systems can be installed by the customer with the help of installation instructions. It is also possible to download print templates and create complete designs via