Release Notes 5.6.0 - Durst Smart Shop

With this version, the Durst Smart Shop and the Durst Smart Editor receive new functions, as well as improvements that guide the customer more intuitively and quickly. New functions in the editor offer the customer new possibilities for design.

Durst Smart Shop

Produktions-Kalender im Backend
Production calendar in the backend

In the backend, it is possible to optimally plan the production of the products. With the help of the calendar, the working days can be entered and public holidays and weekends can be marked as "free". If a production time has been stored in the products, the production and dispatch time is displayed to the customer.

YouTube embed

From now on, not only pictures and videos can be displayed in the products, but also YouTube videos.

Upload monetisation

Customers have the option of uploading several images for a product. For example, the first upload image can be offered free of charge; as soon as the customer wants to upload a second image, this can be priced.

Storage capacities in the backend

The newly introduced save option offers the possibility to automatically delete elements after a certain period of time. This setting can be made individually and applies to uploads (images), offers and delivery notes. 

Smart Editor

Überarbeitung des Editorbackends
Überarbeitung des Editorbackends
Revision of the editor backend

In the latest version, the editor backend has been revised. The configuration of the editor is more compressed and simpler.

The entire backend has been visually revised and adapted to the Durst design. This makes configuration easier.

Cropping images

In this version, the Smart Editor has a new function. The cropping of images, as known from various image editing programmes, now also works in the Smart Editor. A picture is uploaded and with the press of a button the picture can be automatically cropped from the background.

Freistellen von Bildern
QR-Code / EAN-Code Funktion
QR-Code / EAN-Code Function

It is possible to create your own QR code or EAN code directly in the editor. The code no longer has to be created and uploaded on an external page or with an external app. You simply enter your website, email address, a business card with your data or a free text and the code is generated automatically. After that, the generated QR code or EAN code can be placed directly on the product.

Help feature

The new help function offers the possibility to guide the customer intuitively through the editor. You can enter a description for each element in the function bar to explain to the customer which function is behind it.

It is also possible to show the help function for all elements at the same time (as soon as the editor opens) or to show the descriptions individually, one after the other.

Neuer Schieberegler für Bilder
New slider for images

The image can easily be enlarged or reduced via a "slider".

Improvements Smart Editor

From this version onwards, the loading time is reduced by another 2-10 seconds in order to place a product from the editor into the shopping basket.

In the latest version, the Smart Editor is provided with a meta tag. This means an enormous advantage for SEO.