Release Notes 2.0 - Durst Analytics

Version Highlights 2.0

Analytics 2.0 comes with a completely redesigned frontend and API interface. The frontend 2.0 makes Analytics more user-friendly, structured and attractive. The new API gives Analytics more performance. The display or export of larger time periods is possible without any problems with Analytics 2.0.
Another new feature of Analytics 2.0 is Analytics Reports. With Analytics Reports it is possible to download a monthly customer report of an individual machine. In addition, it is possible to send the report as a PDF attachment automatically each month to one recipient via PDF attachment in an email.


• Analytics Reports - Download or send a monthly report of an individual printer to an email recipient


• Completely revised frontend
• Increased performance in data evaluation through a revised API
• Optimisation of the export function for longer periods up to one year
• Accurate delimitation of jobs on an hourly basis


• Show Cleaning Solution correctly
• Supporting additional spot colours
• Inhibit negative pump values in the Circulation Pump Widget
• Right display of the printer images corrected