Boxitut (Packaging consultancy Hage), Sonnenbühl-Undingen, Germany New Smart Shop solution from Durst offers customers more flexibility and creativity in packaging production

"In the beginning, there was the vision of an online shop for corrugated cardboard packaging that could do everything. The aim was to enable customers to design and order individualised packaging in the size and quality they wanted, with the design they wanted and in the quantity they wanted. The shop was to contain concentrated expertise and convince with fair prices. Durst was a professional partner who accompanied us on this journey in a goal-oriented, reliable and competent way."

Ursula Hage, CEO, Verpackungsberatung Hage GmbH & Co. KG

Durst Smart Editor - Boxitut

Ursula Hage and her husband set up their own business in 1998. From a small two-man business to an internationally active packaging manufacturer, Verpackungsberatung Hage GmbH & Co. KG now has an annual turnover of over 5 million euros with almost 30 employees. In 2011, the company began to switch to digital production and invested in plotter technology and later also in digital flatbed printers. The company supplies a wide range of industries: Furniture industry, medical and laboratory technology, tool technology, automotive industry and the food industry. The Albfactory of the company Verpackungsberatung Hage specialises in the production of packaging and displays made of cardboard and corrugated board.

"We were aware many years ago that digitalisation would bring about a change in the times and so we already had the vision of an online shop for corrugated cardboard packaging in 2016. Thanks to our plotter technology, we already had access to software on which there was an online shop based on Durst. So with Durst's help, our online shop quickly became a hit."

In 2019, Mrs Hage and her husband decided to further upgrade and modernise the online shop with the new Durst Smart Shop solution to offer their customers even more flexibility and creativity in product design. Already in March 2020, the Boxitut, the new online shop, went live.

Ursula Hage explains: "The entire menu and navigation of the Boxitut is new, you can get to the product and the order menu faster from all points. The online shop is even more user-friendly, the entire graphics have been improved and users get more inspiration through product suggestions. This makes the customer approach much more direct and thanks to Durst's enhanced Smart Editor, the whole process is much smoother and faster."

"Furthermore, customers are excited about the fact that the die-cut outlines can be downloaded to create complete designs via the marketing department or with their own software and upload the file again in the ordering process. Furthermore, the 3D preview is an important, improved feature that is very crucial, especially for the approval of the product. Another new feature is that we can define millimetre sizes in the packaging design."

The order data is transmitted online to the production department, where it is processed purely digitally. The well-equipped production facility, which includes a Durst Delta 250 multi-pass UV printer, guarantees customers short delivery times and lean cost structures.

"Thanks to the upgraded online shop, we will definitely open up new markets. More and more companies, especially young start-ups, are looking to do business via the internet, especially now with Corona and Kontaktsperre. We are very well ahead due to our digital production," says Ms Hage. "The data generated in the online shop can be pushed through production unchecked - the core element of the software was crucial here."

"We can highly recommend the Durst company and their service. Our contact persons are competent, always available and have supported us professionally step by step in the digital implementation. The Boxitut is highly praised by our customers."